Civil Rights
& Police Shootings

Death in Jail, Police Shooting, and School Shootings

As citizens, we rely on our government and its employees to safeguard us and maintain the safety of our communities.

We entrust prison officials with the responsibility of providing proper healthcare to inmates, per the constitution.

Additionally, we anticipate our children’s safety while they are attending school. However, these government institutions are not infallible, and it is crucial to hold accountable any individuals within the government who violate our rights or jeopardize our safety to preserve our freedom and security.

You could have a claim

If you or a loved one have been harmed or died in a wrongful death encounter with law enforcement officers, corrections officers, or other government employees on the job, you may have a constitutional claim against the government.

There may also be a constitutional claim against the government if you have been injured or killed in a government-run facility, such as a school or college, due to inadequate safety measures and procedures or if the government has discriminated against you due to your race, disability, or gender.

Some common and compensable infringements on your constitutional rights include:

  • Use of deadly or excessive force or brutality by police officers
  • Failure of jail or prisons to provide necessary medical care and treatment to inmates and detainees
  • School bullying /harassment/ shootings
  • Discrimination or harassment due to gender, race, disability, religion, age, or sexual orientation – including sexual harassment – in the workplace

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If you or a loved one suffered any of the above, you may have grounds for a civil rights or constitutional claim against the government entity that caused you harm.

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