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Our Commitment to Union & Non-Union Seamen

Jeffery Campiche and his team have successfully represented dozens of union and non-union seamen who were killed, injured, or disabled in the service of towboat companies, state ferries, fishing vessels, and research vessels throughout the Pacific Ocean, Puget Sound, and Columbia River. 

  • He has successfully presented seaman’s claims for damages in state and federal courts throughout the West Coast. This includes longshoremen, dockworkers, fishermen, tugboat crew, and research vessel crew.
  • Jeffery Campiche is a recognized “expert” in maritime law and federal and state trial court practice and has had the occasion to teach other attorneys federal and state maritime injury practice. 
  • He has devoted his career to protecting the seaman’s rights to compensation, wage loss, maintenance and cure, wage payment through the voyage, and loss of income and pain and suffering in Jones Act and Seaworthiness claims. 
  • Recovery for our maritime clients and their families has ranged from thousands to multimillion-dollar recoveries.
  • Listing the numerous maritime cases would fill entire pages. Suffice it to say that Jeffery Campiche and this firm have enjoyed the respect and support of the maritime union and fishing communities. Recognizing that seamen and fishermen need a lawyer whenever they are injured at sea, our policy is that no seaman’s or fisherman’s question or case is too small or too grave for our firm. 
  • We help maritime workers, whether tug boaters, fishermen, longshoremen, or dock workers. 

Here are but a few of our successful cases.

Respecting our client’s privacy and the confidentiality of many of the settlement agreements, we have not included clients’ names or the names of the at-fault parties.

$7 Million Recovery
Against a major Eastern Washington hospital and surgeon for a woman who suffered loss of her small bowel that limited her life due to her inability to sustain herself with oral intake of food and water. Mr. Campiche and his team proved that the recommended surgery was not necessary and poorly executed removal of her ovaries to reduce her risk of ovarian cancer.
$3.75 Million Recovery
A recovery of 3.75 million for a young, healthy woman who suffered crippling post-thrombotic syndrome that restricted the rather athletic woman from walking or standing for any period of time. Mr. Campiche proved that the major medical had an unsafe practice of ignoring calf deep venous thrombosis (DVT)  that allowed the blood clot in her calf that spread above her knee, hardened, and crippled her for life.
$2 Million Recovery
A two million dollar recovery against a prominent woman’s clinic for a young woman whose breast cancer lump was misdiagnosed as a cyst resulting in metastasis of the cancer and eventual loss of her life.
$3.5 Million Recovery
A three-and-a-half million dollar recovery against a prominent Seattle hospital for the family of a teenager who died from hospital-acquired sepsis.
$2 Million Recovery
A two-million-dollar recovery for the family of a Chinese immigrant who was treated at a major medical center for breast cancer. The hospital ignored the Center for Disease Control’s advice to screen all chemotherapy patients for hepatitis before treating them with chemotherapy. Mr. Campiche proved that it was unsafe to administer chemotherapy to an Asian immigrant without first determining and treating dormant hepatitis.
$3.8 Million Recovery
A recovery of 3.8 million for a nurse who suffered a perforated esophagus in an unnecessary dilation of her esophagus following a normal endoscopy.
$2 Million Recovery
Recovery of 2 million for a prematurely born child and a couple who were turned away from a local hospital seeking help when the mother was in premature labor. One child died, and the twin was left with significant disabilities.
$1.2 Million Recovery
A recovery of 1.2 million for a woman who suffered a painful loss of muscle in her dominant right arm from compartment syndrome while recovering from abdominal surgery at a major Seattle area hospital. Mr. Campiche proved the hospital ignored signs and symptoms of compartment syndrome, pain and swelling in her arm, and failed to promptly act to decompress her swollen arm.
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Social Change
Our practice has also focused on social change and includes effective representation of individuals injured or killed by law enforcement civil rights violations, including police shootings.

Recovery of 5 million for the cover-up and unlawful shooting of an 18-year-old unarmed Asian high school student.

Recovery of 1 million. Nicholas Peters was shot and killed after unsuccessfully attempting to outrun a sheriff’s deputy on a traffic stop. After chasing and pushing his pickup off the road the deputy simply shot and killed Nicholas as she sat in his pickup, engine off. 


Recovery of 1.5 million. Two Seattle police officer ignored their de-escalation training, department written policies, and the law to shoot and kill Derek Hayden while he held a knife to his neck during a suicidal mental health crisis. 

A xxxx recovery for the wrongful death of an inmate against the Kitsap County Jail for failing to provide medical treatment to an inmate who died.

Union and Non-Union Boaters & Seamen

A recovery of 3.5 million for a casual laborer blinded by a particularly strong cleaning solution. Mr. Campiche and his partner proved that the manufacturer of the toxic cleaning solutions misinformed the workers regarding the need for face goggles.

A recovery of 4 million dollars for a union tugboat crewmember who suffered an above the knee amputation of his leg when he fell and fractured his leg and tore his artery while following the company’s unsafe procedures.

A recovery of 2.5 million for the widow of a commercial fisherman who was lost at sea when the troller he was working on turned over near the Aleutian Islands. Mr. Campiche proved that the vessel, a converted crabber, was not safely designed to pull a large net. 

A recovery of 1.8 million for the family of a commercial fisherman who perished when the dragger he was crewing on turned over and sank, entering the Columbia River. Mr. Campiche established that the vessel owner had neglected to repair a hole in the vessel’s hull.

Note: Each client’s case matter is unique. The outcome of any particular matter is determined by the relevant facts and applicable law. Past results do not guarantee a similar recovery.

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At Campiche Andrews Horne PLLC, we offer representation for non-union workers who work on fishing vessels and processors employed by both large and small fishing companies. Our clients include American Seafoods, Icicle Seafoods, Trident Seafoods, as well as numerous other fishing companies and vessels operating in the waters between California and Alaska, including the Bering Sea.

If you or a loved one have been injured or experienced a loss at sea, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us for assistance in navigating the legal process. We genuinely care and are here to help you through this difficult time.

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Compassionate Legal Support.
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