Won Jin Lee

Attorney At Law

Won Jin Lee is originally from South Korea. She came to the United States at the age of 14 to become a medical doctor. Now, she is an associate lawyer helping patients and injured people. 

Before coming to law school, Won Jin studied History of Art at UC Berkeley. After graduating from UC Berkeley, she worked at a national museum in Korea, promoting Korean culture and history. Then, she came back to the United States to pursue a legal career. She worked at a personal injury law firm in California as a legal secretary, handling numerous motor vehicle collision cases. Also, she worked at an immigration law firm in California as a legal assistant, helping foreigners and immigrants in the United States. 

After her second year at Seattle University Law School, she started working at Campiche Andrews Horne as a law clerk. Since then, she has written and won various motions. She found that writing legal arguments and interpreting law are similar to analyzing and formulating her own opinions about artwork. In this law firm, she worked on many medical malpractice cases and civil rights cases. Some of them were resolved in million-dollar settlements.

Currently, Won Jin is enjoying reading medical records, learning about medicine, talking to medical experts, and forming legal arguments based on legal/medical research. 

She loves playing table tennis and teaching children at church. 

Won Jin is a recipient of CALI Award in Legal Writing. The CALI Excellence for the Future Award is given to the highest-scoring student in each law school class at many law schools. 

Along with Jeffery M. Campiche, Won Jin is a co-author of a legal article on Washington Products Liability Deskbook, published in 2020.

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