Jahsiah Matthews

Administrative Assistant

Jahsiah Matthews brings a wealth of experience in customer service and organizational efficiency. His commitment to excellence is evident in his academic achievements, including University Honors, the Brotherhood Award, and NHS Honors, all earned during his pursuit of a Bachelor of Arts in Public Policy from the University of Michigan with a minor in Economics.

Professional Experience

Jahsiah has a proven track record of improving operational workflows and providing exceptional customer service. At Target in Tukwila, Washington, he reorganized freezer items, leading to a 20% increase in workflow efficiency.

His role at Defy Seattle further demonstrated his customer service skills, maintaining a safe and clean environment that resulted in zero legal incidents and a 10% revenue increase from food services.

Leadership and Extracurricular Activities

Currently, Jahsiah is an intern for Central Student Government at the University of Michigan, contributing to DEI and Executive Nominations.

He also plays a pivotal role as the Treasurer for the West Quad Multicultural Council, optimizing finances and helping organize events that celebrate cultural diversity.

Skills and Interests

Jahsiah is known for his strong public speaking skills, effective communication in group settings, and exceptional organizational abilities. Outside of his professional life, Jahsiah enjoys hiking and exploring trails like Mt. Rainier and Deception Pass.

He grew up playing multiple sports, including soccer, football, basketball, and baseball, and remains an avid fan. He loves fishing and is an enormous movie enthusiast, with “Coach Carter” his favorite film and “Suits” his preferred TV show.

Jahsiah’s dedication, skills, and diverse interests make him a valuable Campiche Andrews Horne PLLC team member.

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