Ricco Sanchez

Attorney At Law

About Me - Early Life and Family

I was born and raised in Washington state. My dad, a dedicated metal worker for the City of Seattle, and my mom, a compassionate social worker, instilled in me the values of hard work and empathy. Their influence has shaped my approach to law, guiding me to advocate for those who have been victims of unfortunate circumstances.

Soccer and Teamwork

I grew up playing soccer. Soccer taught me what it means to work on a team to achieve a common objective. It also taught me the courage to challenge myself to face my weaknesses and work on them until they become strengths.


My educational journey, which began at Highline College and continued at Saint Martin’s University, was significantly influenced by Professor Roger Snider. His guidance and encouragement to pursue a path that would contribute to the community have been pivotal in shaping my career in law.

Law School Journey

After finishing undergraduate studies and being inclined to attend law school, I had the good fortune of meeting a law school recruiter who told me not to rush into the decision. This was good fortune because the longer I delayed, the more conviction I had when I finally decided.

2015, I began the evening program at Seattle University’s School of Law. I worked full-time while attending classes in the evenings. (Shout out to all who have gone down this brutal path.) During law school, I worked in legal support roles for a major insurance company, a large insurance defense law firm, and a large technology company.

Professional Career

After graduating from law school in December 2018, I took and passed the bar exam in February 2019. I am presently licensed to practice law in Washington’s State and Federal courts.

Legal Services and Philosophy

The legal services I provide to clients are grounded in empathy and compassion. I work hard and prepare diligently to maximize the results of each case. I have helped clients recover millions of dollars. More importantly, I have helped them get their lives back on track. I am constantly learning and honing my skills to ensure I can reach my full potential as an attorney; it’s a never-ending journey.

Personal Life

I am lucky to be supported by my fantastic wife, Nancy, and our three wonderful children, Olivia, Ezra, and Madison. In my free time, I enjoy being with family, spending time outdoors, and rooting on AC Milan and the Mariners. My goal is to give back to the community as much as I can.

Education Summary

  • Seattle University School of Law – J.D.
  • Saint Martin’s University – B.A.
  • Highline College – A.A.

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